Civilization 6 Gets Battle Royale Mode for Multiplayer

The Battle Royale mode has always been extremely popular with multiplayer gamers, so it is not a surprise that Civilization 6 is now about to get one. Civilization 6: The Red Death was released yesterday and would support up to 12 players per match. There would also be smaller multiplayer groups which would include two player groups. You can also play against AI controlled opponents.

In the Battle Royale mode you don’t really build cities – it’s already too late for that. Red Death takes place in a lifeless environment with destroyed cities. Here you have to manage a post-apocalyptic combat unit meant to protect civilians. If civilians in your unit gets killed or captured you are out of the game. Along with your units you have to explore a map and establish contact with other units as Red Death closes in on you with an ever shrinking safe zone.

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