Ever Said Anything Nasty in Front of Xbox? Microsoft might Just be Listening to You

Xbox ONe Cortana Kinetic

Ever said anything nasty or spelt out some secrets in front of you Xbox? Well chances are that Microsoft engineers listened to what you said. A report by Vice suggests that during work on to improve Xbox One’s voice command system Xbox users’ audio was triggered and words spoken by users at that time got recorded. The practice of turning on users’ voice command were there during the very initial days of Xbox One and it was only meant to capture words like ‘Xbox’ and ‘Hey Cortana’ etc. But this time, it seems more were recorded.

This is not the first time contractor working on to improve Microsoft’s product listened in on users. In another report by Vice, it was revealed that Microsoft contractors listened into the conversations of Skype users and the audio was recorded by Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana.

Back in 2013, when Xbox One was launched, people were concerned about Kinect listening and recording user audio. But Microsoft released a statement saying Kinect was built with strong privacy protections and going forward it won’t be compromised. Now this report may give rise to similar concerns regarding Cortana. High time Microsoft allays the fears of Xbox users worldwide.

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