PUBG Updates Erangel’s Map, Releases Trailer for Season 4

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PUBG is about to get some really big changes and for starters, it is going to get a backstory. The Version 4.1 update which is coming soon will also revamp the first map of the game – Erangel. The trailer for PUBG PC Season 4 starts in 1965 where a young boy is shown surviving the bombing of the island Erangel. He later realises that he is the lone survivor of that island and proclaims that he may the only survivor of the island but he won’t be the last. The boy says “the island showed a scared boy he could be a survivor. That’s what I want from you.” You can see the trailer below.

When it comes to the changes in the Erengel map, PUBG developers say they have improved graphical quality of the map in certain areas and terrain across. The improvements include addition of mansions and prisons, small buildings etc. Trenches, blast marks, abandoned tanks and camo nets have also been added as part of the improvements. The improvements have been done to better illustrate and understand Erangel’s history.

PUBG is in the process of final testing of these improvements and fine tuning them based on players’ feedback. As of now the version is only on test server, but will be made available for platers across the board very soon.

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